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October 15th, 2008, 23:55
Originally Posted by amoebe View Post
Thanks for those reviews, I like them a lot!
I already finished FF4 (never played the GBA version) and I just started playing Disgaea. I like both games although I haven't got very far with Disgaea yet. FF4 definitely looks better and is a much more traditional RPG. In Disgaea tactics play a much bigger part. Although your characters will level up afer a number of fights, your aim is clearing a (small) terrain with a given set of opponents. Sacrificing your 'teammates' if necessary (which makes sense, beeing a demon lord).
One thing I didn't like about Disgaea (and most of the similar strategy/RPG games) is that after a bit it's just not about strategy at all, but about getting a lot of levels. Like, when I played it, I did all the storyline-battles, and it was getting harder and harder, until at the end it was pretty much impossible (enemies were like 40 levels above me). Going to Gamefaqs, I found out I was supposed to be like level 70 for those fights, and the highest I had a lvl 34, a lvl 32, a lvl 30 and some in the high 20s. Turns out I was supposed to do the 'optional' fights many many times (I wonder why they call them optional).
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