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November 27th, 2006, 23:13
Originally Posted by MonGoliat View Post
but now im reading (dont laugh) "Men are from Mars, Woman ar from Venus: Dating edition".
A friend of mine said I needed it! =p I think shes right! =D
Sounds like a good book … I have the "regular version" of it.

My last book was Thud!, but now I'm reading "Healing Aloneness : Finding Love and Wholeness through your inner Child" , this one.

For me, it's actually a good book and came to me to the right time.

Originally Posted by Lintra View Post
I would like to see a return of Rincewind before he retires the series.
Me too. I miss him.

I would be especially interesting in how he would develop - as a character. From the just weird "wizzard" towards a more serious man.

Originally Posted by Arma View Post
The entire books lacks the usual Pratchet style humour, and I only remember only one joke from the entire tome!
No; to me, this is essentially how Pratchett's books become through the years. They are no more really funny, but serious. And therefore interesting. At least for me.

I sure do miss the fun of the older books, but to me it's a shifting of an artist's work … Like Picasso had his "phases".

I believe it is an illusion to think of Mr. Pratchett writing only "funny" books, and only being able to do so.
He has proved otherwise, can be deadly serious, but with a twist. What he offers is is no more a simple fun-game or parody odf the fantasy genre, but instead kind of a mirror of our own lives.

I heavily noticed this shift as I read a book by Piers Anthony this summer, named "Night Mare". His style is imho rather nearer towards early Mr. Pratchett's works.
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