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May 19th, 2013, 16:36
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Don't bother … he is impervious to such logic.

I mean … sure there are 'pretty' games, and fun strategy games. But aside from old-ish ports and games from Jeff Vogel, there are no RPGs yet that really compete on the level of what we here are expecting.

And it is *not* due to hardware - the iPad 4 is faster in most ways than the XBOX360 (and slower in some others) and close to the PS3, and is also faster than pretty much any non-gaming laptop from ~2008. With proper development and optimization, there is no reason we couldn't see much more in terms of deep gaming experiences. But as DArtagnan and I have discussed, until someoen develops a new paradigm for RPGs on tablets, they will all be ports.

Heck, it is more powerful than the HP Elitebook 2570p I'm typing this on … and this thing managed Bioshock Infinite quite well!
I believe we've been through this, but I don't understand why you think iPad is comparable to the Xbox 360 - but it really isn't.

You seem focused on CPU speed - and you seem to forget that 99% of all modern games on PC and consoles are heavily reliant on GPU performance. I know the latest iPads have improved their GPU speed - but it's still quite far away from X360/PS3 in terms of GPU power.

Trust me, Bioshock Infinite could never happen on an iPad and look like it does on X360.

I'm not making this up, by the way

You can google console and ipad GPU and see for yourself. A reasonable estimate would be that iPad 4 has ~25-40% of X360's GPU rendering power. That's why it was a big deal when iPad 4 beat the PlayStation Vita hand-held recently. I trust you know that the Vita is a joke compared to X360 and PS3.

We're talking the latest iPad versus very soon-to-be last-gen consoles.

So, no, we're not quite there yet.




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