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May 19th, 2013, 18:09
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Yes, that should be a reasonable demonstration of my point. My guess is that they'll severely reduce mesh complexity for all the assets.
Totally agree …

I forgot to finish my Bioshock thought - which was … but ultimately WHO CARES if they can wrangle the game onto the iPad. What is the chance that even me - a huge iPad advocate - will enjoy the iPad version even 10% as much as the PC version? None. Shooters are at BEST a mediocre compromise on the iPad.

Likewise, action-RPG games are the same sort of compromise, and strategy games remind me of console ports of PC games in how they make life more complex to make up for the lack of controls.

As for why I keep going back to the XBOX360, it actually has little to do with hardware comparisons. I was doing reviews of PC and XBOX stuff when the 360 came out, and within 6 months people were predicting a very short console cycle because it was PC-like hardware and was struggling to keep up with games devs tried to put there. And yet here we are several years later, with great looking games and the longest generation ever.

My point on that is there is no reason to think that under similar circumstances developers could squeeze much more out of tablet hardware (have you *seen* what the Tegra 4 packs?) than they have shown. But that won't happen for two major reasons:
- Whereas XBOX/PS3 are gaming-only devices, on a tablet gaming is but one of many functionalities … and not the most important by far.
- The XBOX360 was already 4.5 years old when the first iPad and Android tablets arrived, and we've seen 4 iPad generations since, with a 5th around the corner. This isn't like PCs going 1st, 2nd and 3rd gen Core i7 … much has changed along the way. It isn't practical to optimize too much … the hardware moves too fast.
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