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May 19th, 2013, 18:14
As for why I keep going back to the XBOX360, it actually has little to do with hardware comparisons. I was doing reviews of PC and XBOX stuff when the 360 came out, and within 6 months people were predicting a very short console cycle because it was PC-like hardware and was struggling to keep up with games devs tried to put there. And yet here we are several years later, with great looking games and the longest generation ever.
I don't doubt that a lot of people were arguing that - but I wouldn't have been one of them

Then again, I've been following console trends for many years - and the same arguments and "sky is falling" crap is spewed every single time a new generation is introduced.

As for why we're not seeing the kind of games we're looking for, I think we're largely in agreement - though we may disagree on a few details.




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