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March 1st, 2013, 19:51
Since it wenz F2P, it seems to be a bit better now.

The German community currently holds several beliefs because of what happened :

- Bioware / EA isn't interested in the German community anymore
- the existence of the German-language forums is nonsense right now without any proper moderators
- SWTOR is sinking, because EA / Bioware had to cut money so sharp that they even fired these moderators/representatives.

Besides, some of these mods/reps seem (?) to have reappeared in other EA communities again - with similar roles.

As a result of these beliefs, the German community had decided to completely abandon the German-language forums, simply because no-one will hardly ever read them from official side anymore.

So, if they want to be heard, they argue, they MUST go into the exile - into the English-language forums.

From which their German-language threads were moved back into the German-language forums, where no-one of/from the officials will ever read them.

Okay, one official statred that Bioware / EA indeed wants to read and listen to the German dforums, but in this statement it was also said that this would be "le4ss than before" - and the German Community saw only rarely official reactions when the mods/reps wre still there !

One special comment posted by an English-language forums user in an German-language thread which was at *that time* in the English-language forums is especially insulting :

I think one thread in German is enough guys, stop spamming the board with gibberish (to me), please >.>
His profile states that his place of living is "Moscow, Russia".
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