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August 6th, 2013, 14:42
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I'm still not sure what was negative to that reviewer. The possibility to avoid micromanagement completely, or game disallowing you to control all battles per round.

I mean, stating something is "fundamentally flawed" is not really a detailed description that can explain what that thing is.
He does explain:

Originally Posted by Michael White, 17 year old high school student from South Africa
The RTS side of the game didnít feel right to me at all. There is very little construction, and everything is only able to be constructed on preset positions on the map.

This results in the main objective of the game being to rush the best points as soon as the match starts. After this initial race, the game transitions to a tug of war phase, where you and your enemy will charge each other over and over again until eventually someone wins. Itís not fun, and I am just glad that there is an auto calculate option for the battles in campaign mode.
For all the invective in the rest of his review (well, he is an angry teenager I guess, so that's probably allowed) the above strikes me as a fairly presented viewpoint, if not quite deserving of a 'fundamentally flawed' label, but as I say, set that in the context of the tone of the rest of the review.
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