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August 17th, 2013, 16:04
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It looks like they're going for a full on aRPG approach, with "tactics" being eg strike when the enemy's knocked down, or use ice against fire etc. In other words, as "tactical" as Witcher 2 or Kingdoms of Amalur.

It looks like they're giving the player direct real time control over every individual blow - what type it is and the timing, as well as active dodges. These are action game conventions. The only silver lining on this cloud is that at least it looks better than the mindless cooldown spam against generic enemy waves of DA2.
Yup pretty much what I was thinking off. Once again bioware uses smoke and mirrors to blur "the truth". To me this kind of combat system looks fairly action oriented. Sure there may be skills, stats and abilties, but it ain't what the classic party rpg tradition was about. If orgins was spiritual successor to bg2/nwn2, this game has fairly different roots. Well atleast we have project eternity, bg2 ee, torment and wasteland to look forward to

That being said I'm not going to judge da3 too harshly beforehand. I'll wait for reviews and gameplay videos. Real time combat similar to blade of darkness, witcher 2, gothic 1-2, skyrim etc can be tons of fun if done right and it can feel satisfying in it's own way. Yet each of those rpgs were single person rpgs. I just have to question how tactical could it be when player has to constantly focus on giving commands to his own character and when the camera is locked on over the shoulder view. Where is my tactical bird's eye overview camera option? Why are everyone of these devs playing the game with a xbox controller?
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