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September 7th, 2018, 13:42
Originally Posted by Eye View Post
Pity you deleted your posting, Darth, because the guy was cheap tricks and it was magical as well.

It is very annoying some manage to slip through the net. There is something wrong with the system, nobody of the team has validated the above post, which is now deleted by me and was clearly spam.
As I said this is not the first one which gets posted without validation and it is defintely not good for my motivation I can tell you that. I checked this new member this morning, and he had posted nothing. I check the moderators section just now, a couple of hours later, and I see a posting of this new member earlier(!) than the time I checked him out this morning.

Rule is first 7 posts get validated. I normally check several times a day.
I’d appreciate if anyone reported spam immediately, or sent me a PM if that is what you prefer. It is clear I can not do this on my own.

A very annoyed Eye.

Sorry for the rant.which is completely off topic too.
Any moderator wishing to delete it: fine by me.
It sounds like you expect a perfect performance of yourself. You seem to be doing a fine job as far as I can tell.

No reason to ruin it for yourself by being unrealistic about these things. They happen everywhere - and it's hardly the end of the world.

I'm not a big "report" person, but I take your point.

Since I appreciate your work, I will try to remember to report posts that seem like obvious spam.

But, I do not enjoy the thought of something getting deleted because I assumed the wrong thing.

Darth Tagnan



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