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October 5th, 2007, 10:14
Fighting skills
Swordfighter: Allows wielding certain swords. Enough unless you are a 1h sword specialist as it allows use of the bastard sword which is among the better swords in the game.
Strong swordfighter: unlocks more swords. Increases the chance of critical hits? Increases damage? Unlocks new combos.
Master swordsman: more of the same. It also lets you knock down enemies while fighting, which I find so impractical and annoying that I normally dont bother with this skill even when playing a 1h specialist.

Fight with two blades: Unlocks this fast fighting style. I havent used it. Requires some hunting.
Master of two blades: Only available in Ishtar (so you need to be a friend of the Hashishin). I havent used it.
Orc slayer: Increased melee damage vs orcs. Useful to all non-mages.

Large weapons: Unlocks the halberd which is an excellent but boring weapon against animals and the like due to its range. Only 2h specialists need these skills.
Large weapons II: same as strong swordfighter
Large weapons III: same as master swordsman, including the annoying knockdown.

Heavy crossbow: Unlocks crossbows which rely on strength rather than hunting, but are slow. I havent used it.
Crossbowman: Unlocks better crossbows.
"Master archer": Missnamed skill that unlocks yet better crossbows.

Shield parry: Unlocks shields, which is useful to 1h fighters as a shield helps your armour protection even if you dont block actively.
Strong shield parry: Blocking costs less stamina, I havent used it.
Paladin: Increased damange against creatures of Beliar (undead and deamons?). Comes late in the game and seems rather useless.
Regeneration: Learned late in the game and very useful when liberating towns. Standing in a corner for a few seconds will let you recover all your health…

Hunting skills
Bow: Default skill, allows use of bows.
Archer: Access to better bows, increased chance of critical hits? Sufficient for the best bows you can buy.
Master Archer: Increased critical hits (?), better bows. Not necessary unless you are an archery specialist.

Game Hunter: Double arrow damage to game animals. Useful if boars cause you a problem and as a stepping stone towards orc hunter. Also useful to bring down those annoying deers.
Big game hunter: Double arrow damage against some more animals. Useful but not necessary in itself.
Orc hunter: Double arrow damage vs Orcs. Very helpful in Vengard and some other places, but most of the time the orcs will rush you and force you to melee.

Silent hunter: Allows you to sneak past sleeping animals at night. Useful while you are too weak to fight shadowbeasts and the like, but not essential.
Take animal skins: money maker skill, also needed for some quests. Always learn this skill.
Take reptile hides: same as above, but useful for slightly fewer quests.
Take teeth, claws, and horns: Same as reptile hides.
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