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October 5th, 2007, 10:30
Magic skills

Staff fighting: Allows the use of staves, which add to armour protection. Havent used it.
Staff fighting II: As above
Staff fighting III: As above
Magic staves: Havent used it, info needed.
Improve robes (called light armour in the dialog): Supposed to double protection of robes. Bugged?
Learn quickly: Gives one extra LP per level gained. Learn this as soon as you have 100 AK. It is however usually NOT worth it for non-magic users to spend LP on AK just for this skill.
Druid: the duration of transformations is doubled. Learned from druids (!). More info needed.
Fire mage: Unspecified bonus on innos magic. More info needed.
Water mage: Unspecified bonus on adanos magic. More info needed.
Dark mage: Unspecified bonus on summoning magic. More info needed.
Mana regeneration: Essential if you are a mage. Can be learned in Vengard and Bakaresh. Probably makes further increase in max mana unnecessary.

Smith skills
Smith: Default and enough for most characters. Allows you to make non-ore weapons including the self forged bastard sword…
Forge ore weapons: Self explanatory. The only ore weapon recipe I've found is the ore two hander which can be bought in Nordmar. Allows you to start a late quest that helps your reputation in Nordmar, so its good for roleplaying and if you want nordmarian armour.
Forge pure ore weapons: Again there is a severe rarity of recipes. I have found ONE in chests, and there is supposedly one or two more to be found if you open enough special chests. Only worth it if you are roleplaying a "Nordmarian" IMHO.
Prospector: Worth it for all the quests that use gold/ore and for the money making bastard sword.
Sharpen weapon: Adds damage to your melee weapons. Worth it for everyone that uses a sharp melee weapon (anything except staves and hammers).
Heavy armour: Supposed to add to armour. Not available in the unmodified game but easily found in the fan-patched game. Bugged?
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