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December 26th, 2009, 22:48
Hmmm, interesting demo.

Can definately see potential here.

The Good:
The fallout battle system(sort of) was decent.
Like the overall look/style of the game.
Lots of details.

The Bad:
The responsiveness of the movement and attacks seemed off, sometimes moved instead of attacked like I wanted.
Crossbows can aim and fire at close range(plus reload) seems a bit extreme.
Font size too small at 1650 to 1050.
Didn't seem to be any sound for when walking or running.

The Ugly:
Ground textures are distracting.
The crowd watching the battle reminded me of the nut cracker.

Like I said could see potential here, some small details need work…popup different attacks was neat but crowded. Will wait and see.
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