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May 6th, 2011, 20:52
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YES as I said its a business the model is not going to change any time soon. Every publisher only cares about profits they don't care about the development studio.
I think simple incompetence is a better explanation. After all, a well-run publisher that cares about profits will do what is necessary to obtain them. Why would a publisher pursuing profit deliberately choose to take actions that lead them to bankruptcy instead?

Part of being a good publisher is being able to accurately judge project time and resource requirements before making a deal so you don't get stuck with the choice between sinking more time and money into a product than you would have originally been willing to provide and releasing a buggy, unfinished mess. If that's your choice you already screwed up. The fact that JoWood's portfolio was apparently full of buggy games suggests that they had a systemic problem with estimating the resource requirements for creating polished products. That would have sunk them eventually regardless of their motivation.
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