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May 6th, 2011, 21:00
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YES as I said its a business the model is not going to change any time soon. Every publisher only cares about profits they dont care about the development studio.
It's a business model but one of many. The publisher can stick with the game and invest more money. They will want to do that if the game looks like it will sell well but they might also do that to keep their reputation up. They can pull the JoWood thing and kick it out of the nest as is and pull as many sales in as they can before the customers figure out that it's busted. They can demand just the code and intellectual property then hand that over to some other studio. They can even write the whole thing off and cancel.

"Demand your money back" is not a likely option. Development studios don't have that much in the way of assets.

Edit: If your publishing company itself is about to run out of money, the JoWood option may be the only one. Investing more money to do the game right is only an option if you have money to invest.
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