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May 10th, 2011, 15:33
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It says "unhurried" gameplay, which should mean someone doing a bit of exploring, taking some side quests etc.
That´s debatable.
It could also mean just going through the main quest at leisurely pace .
They´ve played the whole game in CDProjekt´s office which alone makes the "unhurried" comment rather questionable.
Anyway, game journalists absolutely need to fucking learn that if they have to come up with guesstimates of time it takes to complete a game they also need to add relevant context.
On what difficulty they´ve played? What portion of side quests they´ve finished?
What were their guesstimates for other titles?
"Unhurried" just doesn´t cut it.

At any rate, the review is pretty weak all around. They keep comparing the game with Bioware titles ("CD Projekt had created an rpg the story and quality of which can only be matched by Mass Effect 2"), generally don´t go in-depth enough, omit alchemy altogether, etc.

The recent Gamebanshee´s preview is a lot more informative.
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