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August 14th, 2011, 05:45
I actually pre-ordered the other day, but I have a zombie fetish. When is Dead State coming out?

I'm hoping Dead Island is alright, but it doesn't look like too much of an RPG. But also, thankfully, not too much of a shooter. 1st person melee, primarily, with a few guns with rare ammo, they say. I've read you play as one of four people, two male and two female, trapped in a really crappy tropical holiday — each of whom represents a different "class," or style of fighting. Think I read they each have three or four skill trees for character development. Haven't seen any player dialogue, just NPcs taking to you and you accepting or declining quests. Supposed to be an open world with vehicles to make zombies go splat in generous showers of infected wetness.

I'm hoping it will feed my zombie jones until Dead State blows my addled mind away.
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