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August 14th, 2011, 17:38
the hunter which jumped out of nowhere was still in left for dead 1 as was the smoker. the jockey is new but in my view is much less of a threat. also both games have always had the "siren call" rush of zombies that come running or the same when you set off a car alarm i believe is what you are talking about. otherwise most zombies do indeed just lurch around the game world. but honestly 1st person shooters kind of mean that you have to give zombies better tactics, although i hate it in the movies, as we are a far cry from the original resident evil games where restricted cameras and controls were a zombies best ally. i'm not a huge fan of either game but they are fun every once in a while, and with no commitment to character development in any way its easy to play it for an hour or so when the mood suits and just as easy to go play something else.

i imagine the 2 games will have little in common despite the obvious, with one having character development and being open world and the other "on-rails"
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