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December 9th, 2013, 14:59
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From what I know of you, you have quite a lot of life to live before you could put yourself in my shoes.

You sound like a 12-year old who's genuinely proud of investing himself into a computer game.
I grow weary.

Look, I didn't start arguing with you about any of this crap. You said "Dark Souls is basically Diablo" and I disagreed, stand by that, and you've changed the subject. You've tricked me into talking about issues unrelated to my initial comment in order to "win" the argument with me on those grounds, which you have to do because I'm an aggressive poster that you don't back down to, or admit to when you're wrong. Ok. You win. As you say, someone with my attitude could never convince you of anything. Not with facts and logic, or even at gunpoint. You win!

Is that the kind of maturity you want? You want to know how old I am, if I'm 12?

Well, if you want to know more about me, just ask nicely.

I'd tell you that I got into RPGs on Amiga 500 winning Curse of the Azure Bonds, so I might not be entirely grey just yet, but I'm getting there, and have played almost every old computer RPG game from Akalabeth onward. I was a smart kid - those games were hard! Compared to kids who grew up playing WoW and CoD we're miles apart. And the load times in those days! No hard drive! Having to reload those fights swapping disks and go through the "what's Word1, line2, page23?" copy protection and everything. Brutal, but I stuck with it!

Deathknights of Krynn on Amiga was my favourite RPG until Baldurs Gate came out, and my name "Sir James" was a replacement for "Sir Dryden", the knight in the pre-made party because my name is James. Nothing to do with champagne or crusaders I haven't heard of.

So, you don't back down to people with my attitude? Isn't that what I'd do?

When I play games these days I get angry when people surrender before the end, but its so common in this new age of over-accessibility that even my favourite games have a surrender/concede option built in and only a small fraction of games actually play through to their natural conclusion. People just want to concede at the sight of any challenge until they get easy wins. They're happy to put in the time working on winning, gradually improving like in an MMORPG, but not happy to have to overcome seemingly impossible challenges. Time consuming=good, Hard=bad. Even if the total time to overcome the hard challenge is less they get frustrated. Because their will is weak, they're too tired, whatever. I enjoy playing a losing battle that I might actually achieve a great victory and this is very rare these days.

You conceded in Dark Souls, so I see another "wow generation" 12 year old who just wants to hear a story and not have to fight through challenges to find it just like you see a 12 year old in me because I'm proud that I invested in the game and came out the winner. Like that's something children actually do these days? Wrong. Are we not RPG gamers? Why are you on this site if becoming invested in a game is too much? These are RPG games, the most complicated genre, not casual puzzle games. You're supposed to get invested in these games! Dark Souls is actually an easy game, just not overly accessible. It forces you to approach gaming in a different way and should be commended for that!

The fact is, they don't make gamers like me anymore. Players like me are so rare that I can't think of any others. Who the hell wants to keep playing when they know they'll lose and actually enjoys themselves? ME. Gamers my age generally "just want to relax after work", by working some more. None of my friends IRL like Dark Souls. New kids just want easy wins. Its the "skinner box" style addiction that runs new, accessible RPGS, and not the challenge of overcoming a mighty foe.

I remember sayings that kids these days have never heard: "it's not whether you win or lose but how you play the game" or "Don't start a game if you're not going to finish it". This wisdom is totally lost in online games these days.

People these days play MMORPGS and its strange to start talking to a stranger! I started playing MMORPGS with MajorMUD and you'd get to know everyone on the server. That was normal in my day! Now your global chat is filled with trolling and memes. Nothing like I remember from the golden days. You don't go on a quest together, you grind the quests solo and join a queue for a multiplayer event where your required addons play for you. You just go to work again! You be a healer or a tank and work for the raid and don't talk or have fun, but there's no real community feeling. They get frustrated so quickly when they fail. They look to blame people, ask "why?" but don't offer the solution to the issue. They have 3rd party addons and macros to play for them, and even tell them what to think by means of DPS readouts and such.

So, I rationally accept that you like different things for different reasons, but I also know why you like these different things because I know what drives them. I did say I like movies, so I like to hear a story too. But when I play games I play games. No addon help, no complaints, no fear. You want the dots connected for you, fine. Accepted. That's perfectly normal. Dark Souls only has a small, "cult" following anyway. In Dark Souls it's clear that I'm the best of the best. Teams can't blame me because there is no team. I just win.

I can accept your normality but can you accept my…..?
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