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October 3rd, 2007, 13:05
Physical all the way

I prefer a boxed copy, I like to actually have the stuff myself rather then rely on other sources to be able to (re)play my games. I would just be too worried I wouldn't be able to replay a game 10 years from now. I even back up game patches and walkthroughs just in case they disappear in time.
Besides that, with the frequency I uninstall and reinstall games, it would be eating up our download limit if I had to re-download the games every time. Not to mention I like manuals, bonus CDs, art books, and stuff like that

Having said that, I know that in the US they still pack games in cardboard boxes, whereas over here most games come in DVD (sized) cases, which makes it a lot easier to store them since they are the same size and take up less space.
So I can understand that space might be an issue for those cardboard boxes.
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