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November 9th, 2013, 21:09
One thing I've noticed with a lot of Kickstarters is people can make games, but they don't understand the business side of running a company/project. Marketing is key for getting these projects funded. It's not just about putting up a page saying "here's what we want to do" and waiting for the money; you need to drum up interest both through interviews/updates and getting potential customers involved with the team & project. That's why advertainment is such a big thing now, especially in the US.

I'm pretty sure Kickstarter has a clause about competitions for the projects via social media, but I guarantee there's creative ways to leverage it to get your game noticed. I'm sure the major sites see tons of e-mails asking for coverage on a daily basis, you have to do something to standout from the crowd (no different than a resume or interview for a job). I know PoE got a lot of attention once Kripparrian got involved in the beta and started streaming the game.

And of course, in this specific case, there's something to be said about the difference in German and US business culture as well as general Kickstarter burnout at this point. With the exception of ConEx, none of the Kickstarters I've backed lately are looking like they'll get funded.
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