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September 30th, 2009, 22:01
I tried on both Win7 x64 7600 and XP on the same machine. Just for shits and grins I took my copy to work and experimented. On 6 different tests machine it ran on one. Five of them had had a virtual drive program installed(or had one at some point in it's history), the other was a fresh install of Vista 32bit. The Vista box was the only one that ran. I took the DVD drive out of it an put it in the other boxes since I knew it worked with the Risen DVD…….none of them worked.

I was just checking a torrent site and if Koch/DS/PB are watching this thread, you might find this post interesting….especially the last line. It is not an exception, but rather a general attitude of the torrenting community.

"Great game!
Been playing russian release with english patch, bout 10 hours in, lovin it. If you are fan of the Gothic games then you will enjoy this.

Gameplay is quite slow but still very entertaining.
Fighting is hard but gets easier.
Graphics are… well… low poly meshes & low res textures, but still quite nice.
Runs smooth as, no stuttering at all (2.6ghz duel core, 6gb ram, Radeon 2900XT).
No bugs so far.
Loads & saves fast (Gothic 3 was painstakingly slow).
I had to tweak brightness controls a bit as it seemed a bit dark for me, but i suppose that was intended to set ambiance.
View distance is a bit low.
It starts off a little slow, so be sure to give it atleast a few hours of playtime.

Well worth a download, worth my money infact, ima purchase this one."

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