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February 14th, 2017, 14:21
Nice write-up! It's been almost two years since I initially wrote a review of it, but I seem to recall mostly agreeing with you. While there is unprecedented levels of C&C for a game of that scope, CDP really did set the bar in TW2. TW2 is obviously a significantly smaller game, nowhere near as grand overall, but it still affected my expectations for TW3. I still feel that TW3 would be a (slightly) better game if they had actually cut down the scope a bit (skipped a few of Witcher-sense-quests and treasure-map-to-a-nearby-generic-treasure-quests) in favor of more TW2-like C&C.

At any rate, that's just nitpicking, as the overall game experience is amazing. In fact, I seem to recall it being one of few games that last for so long, and gave me such a lasting impression, that I was left with a feeling of.. emptyness? It takes some time to process and finally get going again, in terms of gaming. I also seem to recall the first game or two after TW3 feeling a bit lacking as a result. Feeling somewhat similar?
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