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February 15th, 2017, 03:41
GOT to turn off the interface before taking your screenshots, Pessimeister! It's the Home key! (And I remember it's the Home key because I turned it off near the start of the game, put the game down for a month, then started it up again and didn't realize for a couple of days that there was supposed to be an interface. {eye roll}) Nice shots though.

I think the alchemy changes were mostly in response to the 2nd game where alchemy didn't work well at all. I basically ignored it, too, though, except to pick up every ingredient I found 'just in case.'

One thing that did irk me sometimes was loading times. I could fast travel great distances far faster than re-loading from a point 10 yards away.

I've been uploading my screenshots here but still have a ways to go: http://photos.3dvisionlive.com/Zloth…501b32100001f/
Select 2D (L) or 2D (R) below if you don't have 3D glasses handy. Also they show up as most recent first so it might be more fun to skip to the end and work back to page 1. There's about 6 pages of Witcher 2 screenshots before W3 starts up. (If you read PC Gamer's website at all, you'll know exactly which screenshot is first. ;)
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