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August 3rd, 2018, 11:08
Originally Posted by duerer View Post
Worth a try if you are a rougelike noob and want to find out that is this all about.
Also worth a try if you are okay to accept that there are other roguelikes than Nethack.
Roguelike term is pointless now anyway, has become almost completely meaningless. This Legerdemain game does look like what I'd call a "legit" roguelike, but as someone who spent metric fucktons of time on all the big ones way back when (Rogue, Hack, Nethack, Larn, Omega, Moria, Angband, etc), I couldn't honestly tell you why people are calling many of these new games "roguelikes" today - most of them have gameplay absolutely nothing "like" Rogue.

FYI @HiddenX, the GoFundMe link in the newspost is broken.
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