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September 3rd, 2020, 23:14
Originally Posted by largh View Post
Kind of. @JFarrell71 is right that some of your arguments used logic that does not fly in that original post although he was unable to explain why. CRPGs do not amend only from tabletop RPGs, but also from the RPG books (remember those things from the 80s where you would read and choose your actions, then jump to a certain page). That kind of RPGs were in fact some of the first ones made to Amiga/Nintendo/PCs. In those, you were operating alone and therefore the argument that one would need a team does not fly.

Do not worry, however, I get your point and I did learn something. Let us try to keep this discussion free of off-topics and pointless blaming. They'll just spoil the discussion. Also, remember that it is about CK3 and we are drifting further and furtherů
Those books were called Choose Your Own Adventure books, and yes, I used to love those.

You may remember recent debates about whether Age of Decadence was more RPG or more Choose Your Own Adventure. The two genres became quite distinct very quickly in the early 80s and remain so to this day.
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