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September 3rd, 2020, 23:42
Originally Posted by JFarrell71 View Post
I can't put this more simply than this: you are not an authority on the subject. At least not more of an authority than many other people on this very site.

It's troubling that you can think of any other way to present your opinions than to say things like "you can disagree, but it's an objective fact, so you're wrong." You can say that about things like the chemical composition of water if I claim it's magnesium and argon, but you cannot make that same claim about the definition of RPGs. You've been presented with plenty of evidence and examples that demonstrate your definition to be ill considered and/or incomplete, but you steam blindly on, unwilling to consider any viewpoint other than your own.

That's too bad. If I was talking with you at a party, I'd excuse myself and disappear into the crowd. I'm going to do the equivalent now.
I have not been provided with plenty of examples of anything, you've just repeated that you don't find my arguments convincing and that the only reasoning for that is that you don't believe I'm an authority on the topic. You haven't actually refuted anything I've said, at least not in any convincing way.

Let's start simple: In a Bethesda game, what Role are you playing within your party of one?

Ok, that's an unfair question because you don't have a party. Obviously.

Sooooo…. what is your Role without a party? Either one you make up in your head that has no gameplay relevance? Or… what?
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