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September 4th, 2020, 02:04
Originally Posted by lackblogger View Post

Me: Blue is blue.
You: No, red can be blue.
Me: Explain?

(I note you have quickly evaded the Bethesda angle… )
Once again, you miss the point because your starting point is always that you are already 100% correct. You refuse to reevaluate your starting point and instead require that everyone argue only within the narrow constraints that you yourself have provided, constraints that we are challenging. "No, that makes no sense", you say, "because the starting point is that my contraints are perfect."

You're like a scientist who postulates a hypothesis and immediately considers it proven. If someone does experiments that disprove your hypothesis you say those other things are clearly not this thing I have hypothesized about because they are not proven by my hypothesis.

I don't think it's possible for you to gain enough critical distance to understand that the very basis of your logic is critically flawed.
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