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November 21st, 2017, 13:40
I think that very much depends on what people mean by "promised one".

The game is already beyond what was originally part of the feature-set in the campaign - in several ways.

In technical terms, they've come a long way - and have clear and detailed plans for how to implement every major feature they've talked about. However, they've also been very open about how some of those features are goals - and absolutely not something they know for certain can be done exactly as they want. It will take a lot of work and a lot of tweaking - which is happening in the open.

A lot of what people think of as "promises" is really just their imagination based on the vision and the goal of Star Citizen, where everyone seems to have their own idea of what that's supposed to be. CR has talked about many, many features that he wants in the game - eventually - but there's no set-in-stone game that's been clearly defined as the first release version.

It's clear to everyone with any kind of experience that the game will never - and could never - be absolutely everything they ever talked about wanting in the game.

So, if that's what people expect - they're going to be very disappointed.

The question, for my part, is if the game will be a fantastic space sim or not.

Personally, I'm all but certain it will be - though I would be a fool to not leave room for failure.

As for Derek Smart, he's been verified and established as a clear-cut liar over and over and over, so I would advise caution where his "information" about Star Citizen is concerned.

Unless, of course, you WANT it to fail - then he's a great guy to listen to about it
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