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November 21st, 2017, 13:21
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That's the problematic part. If they are beyond that, why don't they show it? Why don't they show actual gameplay and not only pre-scripted tech-demos?
There's a very big difference between what you've seen and what they've shown, obviously.

They go out of their way not to script their demonstrations - which is obvious, because sometimes the game crashes in full public view.

There's a lot of videos out there showing stuff like planets (not part of the original campaign) - procedurally generated cities with bespoke changes (not part of the original campaign) - advanced first person mission based content - and so on.

Also, plenty with "actual gameplay".

The main point of criticism is that after 5 years and 150M$+, they're still not even close to alpha. They can't show a solid gameplay loop. So what did they spend all the money on? What they're showing is extremely thin.

I have no money in this. I really don't care, but I'm enjoying the show.
The game has only been in full development for around 3 years. The first years were spent trying to establish the scope and development team. They're still hiring - because the budget keeps expanding.

Something like 90% of the backers voted to keep funding the game, by the way.

They've already shown several videos with a complete gameplay loop.

Clearly, your "I don't really care" translates to "I don't know the first thing about this".

The most ambitious game of all time isn't close to release after 3 years in proper development?

That's a shock




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