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March 22nd, 2013, 19:00
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Obviously the game is going to have a lot of writing in it. But, that's not all that writers do in video games, they also define the game world along with the direction and mood of the art and everything that constitutes making the game world appear real - you have to invent a world, before you can portray it. That's surely not too different from the role that script writers play in films. And you may not be aware of it, but Fallout New Vegas established a new record for the number of lines of voiced dialogue in a game…
Yeah and some of the things Rothfuss specifically told them he felt most able to to help with would be writing characters and helping with character development as well as the structural mechanics of the narrative, etc. These people do seem to understand that writing a book might not translate into being able to write the branching dialogues in game and specific character interactions. They do seem to intend to use some of these writers at least to design parts of the world and fiction more-so than writing lines of dialogue here and there.
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