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August 19th, 2018, 19:40
I do surveillance professionally. Here is the one I own.

It works quite well, however there weren't that many choices for me, as I required a camera in it. Also, I wanted the standard SLR camera mount. This is a hunter's scope, so it doesn't come with a lot of the nice features most commercial cameras have, like image stabilization. For longer distances, I use a monopod.

Take a look at the mm size of the lens. I got the biggest one. It helps the image by taking in more light, but it's also made for longer distances. With mine, I have to be at least half a block away to shoot a person from head to toe.

Overall, it works better than I was expecting. This one is digital night vision. There is another kind that uses mirrors, etc. that is supposed to work better image wise (and which the Russians pioneered and still make good examples of), but you can damage them by accidentally turning them on in the daylight. Also, they cost thousands of dollars, and my digital night vision works quite well, I think.

And there is stealth to consider, depending upon your purposes. The IR flashlight built into my camera is in the 700nm wavelength. This light is not entirely invisible to the human eye. If you're a hunter, I understand many animals can see it, too, including boars. I have tested this: a human can indeed see a big red dot at the source of the flashlight, though he won't see himself bathed in red light. If he looks your way, you might get burned.

Another reason I boughtt that particular hunter's scope is because it has a picatinny rail, which allowed me to attach this IR flashlight, which is in the 900nm wavelength. This IR flashlight is invisible to the human eye. You can see a faint red dot if you look directly into it from a few inches away, but this is a non-factor in the field. As a side note, you can't use these IR "illuminators," the hunters call them, through glass. The IR light just reflects back at you, and the image is completely washed out.

I hope I didn't just help you spy on your hot neighbor who leaves her blinds open.
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