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May 10th, 2019, 11:05
IGN has taken a look at Divinity: Fallen Heroes and the author of the article looks at it as a spiritual successor to Dragon Commander.

In Divinity: Original Sin 2, combat is one of many components that make up a sprawling role-playing epic. But in Divinity: Fallen Heroes, that very same combat system is firmly in the spotlight; the game, like XCOM, is a series of challenging combat missions featuring tactical objectives that must be achieved using the abilities and spells of a crack team of god-like heroes, amusingly known as the Apocalypse Squad (Divinity's Terry Pratchett-like edge is definitely still here).

It's a design that makes perfect sense; Original Sin 2 has the most intricate and ambitious combat system of any RPG you could care to name, and so to build a new game upon it seems only natural. If you're unfamiliar with Divinity's turn-based combat engine, it's a complex, unforgiving tinder box of elements that are in constant war with each other. If you stab a soldier they'll bleed, and that pool of blood can then be frozen into a slippery trap that'll trip over anyone who steps across it, knocking them out cold. Amazingly, that's just a simple example.
More information.
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