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February 12th, 2013, 10:51
DA:O has been accused of being generic.True.But on the other hand it was a game that sucked you in its world.Sometimes being generic is not a problem in a game if other aspects of it are great.And than came DA2.Tried something different but the result was disappointing imo.And the main character was probably the most uninteresting hero i ever had in a game.Didn't care at all what would happen to him.I mean if he dies at DA3 and you play with your character(s) from DA:O i would be happy.
As for the "stunning" thing,well… i simply don't care!I mean with the new technologies every game can look just fine today.So what really matters is its contents.Ok obviously if this can be combined with a state of art graphics that's even better.But don't forget we are talking about RPGs and as far as i recall this genre really shone due to it's great gameplay.And this is the reason that lots of games are still replayable after many years although their graphs seem ridiculous nowadays.I can't imagine on the other hand a FPS fan playing again Castle Wolfenstein for instance.
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