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May 11th, 2011, 03:53
Well, I've given it a couple of plays. The changes are excellent. I'm especially fond of some of the class changes.

The new Wizard with the perfect spellbook, rather than selection of a few flavors. Makes sense considering there were already Elementalists if you wanted to focus on one particular flavor of magic.

Long Blade being a starting weapon option, and the removal of paladins (since shining one really doesnt become useful until endgame)

Monks getting a choice to go staff.

The new Stalker as a more fighter oriented Transmuter mage.

I had just the one go of Felid as a berserker and found he went very well, but I like finding loot too much. I'd kinda rather go Kobold still.

My only "decent" play was a "random viable" and unfortunately Banished

19424 ThiefyGaxx the Fighter (level 12, -1/95 (96) HPs)
Began as a Sludge Elf Assassin on May 10, 2011.
Was a High Priest of Okawaru.
Killed from afar by a smoke demon (20 damage)
… with a ball of steam

… in The Abyss on May 11, 2011.
The game lasted 02:29:22 (30461 turns).

with a +5,+3 elf quick blade and +1 pair of boots {run} as his best items.

I've pretty much put Avadon on hold to get more time in with Crawl.

Surprised theres not more fans of the game here!
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