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August 23rd, 2010, 21:37
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Atari on other hand is well known to all for abusing and ruining D&D licence for years now.Even the WOTC is suing them desperately trying to revoke exclusive distribution rights.
Because NWN and NWN2 were such awful examples of D&D games.. oh wait, they weren't.

4th edition D&D is unloved by most of pnp D&D players
By most 3rd ed players, just like 3rd ed was unloved by most of 2nd ed players etc. etc.

I've not tried 4th ed, but I bet it's appealing to new players, and some of us old farts don't have the time to play any more.

And new Forgotten realms lore is so bad WOTC had halted the press of new novels.
It could get worse?

It was just announced and people already hate it
Can you name any mainstream sequel/series continuation etc. where that wasn't the case? People love it too
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