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Default Secret of Mana - Two Reviews

February 23rd, 2018, 09:12
Wccftech and PC Gamer checked out the Secret of Mana PC remake:

Wccftech - Score: 8/10

Conventional wisdom would say the new Secret of Mana isnít a great remake. It doubles down on the stuff that already works while leaving the original gameís most glaring flaws largely untouched. That said, I still enjoyed this new package. Secret of Mana was always about charm and personality over polish. Yes, the game remains a bit of a mess, but that special spark at its core burns brighter than ever. If you loved the original game, or are just in the mood for something light and quirky, this remake strikes true.

  • Story is as affably zany as ever
  • New interludes add depth to your party
  • Nicely varied locales and quests
  • Lacks the fluff endemic to newer RPGs
  • Still a great local co-op option
  • Visual and audio upgrades are so-so
  • Combat is too retro for its own good
  • Lots of weird glitches
PC Gamer - Score: 48/100

A flimsy remake of a flawed 16-bit favourite that exacerbates all the originalís problems while failing to recapture its strengths.
Thanks henriquejr!

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