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July 25th, 2012, 03:13
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Creative people needs people with reality checks (pun intended) to work with them. And by the intended pun I did refer to the pay checks…….There needs to be people who can structure the work, make sure people meet their deadlines and say goodbye to those who can't. In short, management is needed. It sounds fun to be making game, and it probably is, but when all the illusions and visions are cleared, reality needs to set in…
I don't think you refer to paychecks… That sentence, the one with bold letters, is used always by my RL friends when I say I don't want to buy a mobrespawning game. Reality says otherwise, everyone says, noone would buy a game without respawns. So if I want to have fun, I have to adapt. Sure.
And then Kingdoms of Respawnalur happens, Studios "38…6538475234683574 respawns" fails and then everyone is suddenly sad. And unhappy. Whatever. In any case the fuss is turning into a soap opera for whatever reason.
But I'm not sad. Didn't buy that game nor would ever. Why would I buy something "everyone" else adores just because it's a trend? To save the company with reality checks who's market predictions are less real than UFOs? Right…
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