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February 14th, 2017, 19:06
Yeah, it was right at the start of summer holidays and this was given highest priority on my "to play list". It was only weekends at first, but then when the break finally came in full, the proverbial Witcher floodgates were opened.

No idea on the screenshots - didn't give it much thought. I just saved 'em from Steam and attached as they were for some additional flavor.

Cheers for the comments too Maylander.
I absolutely agree with you on the subject of a slight culling of scope in favor of greater C&C in the tradition of the second game. There were momentary lulls and dips between quests which possibly could have been tightened in this regard and more stronger choice driven dilemmas as I mentioned would have been nice. I'll have to acquaint myself with your review again for some more talking points.

As far as games after Witcher 3 go, my follow-up was Dark Souls 3, which was an experience admittedly riddled in some mildly apathetic disappointment, but that in itself is a topic for another thread…
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