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September 20th, 2012, 00:43
balls list as normal
anachronox has to be one of my favourites
also the assassins creed series is great, which any list not mentioning jespyr kid and any of his many game soundtracks is a fucking joke
vtm bloodlines was also a superb soundtrack/score
dragon age is not nearly as good as the mass effect soundtrack
lots of great other ones i can neither recall at the moment nor or on this list

also no mention of great cyberpunk/sci fi games such as system shock 2 or the deus ex series which had memorable performances.
the gothics and much missed kai also deserve mention
the witcher music was also grand

zelda was memorable though…a reoccuring score/theme is actually one of the strongest elements a franchise can have to breed return customers/players. it captures an essence/emotion from prior experiences that only strengthen the bond between the gamer and the game.

i know some people game with no music or their own music but that is some crazy…
great game music keeps me coming back. if the music/sound is barely passable or worse quite bad all the games glue comes undone for me and it will be a pain to play.
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