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August 18th, 2019, 00:46
I'm not sure this is the right place to have the conversation as it would be quite long and involved a lot of details and debate around ip, concepts, physical vs virtual, restrictions, drm, and more. But I will say that you are deriving a narrow defn of ownership which for the most part excludes intellectual property. While I might or might not agree with you - you should consider the slippery slope as you walk the line between physical and virtual.

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Well, I don’t accept the idea of any piracy as theft in general. Some of these anti-piracy adverts say things like, “You wouldn’t steal an old lady’s handbag, so why do you download something without paying for it?” I think that’s preposterous – stealing a lady’s purse and torrenting an episode of South Park are categorically different things. The former deprives a person of property, the latter is essentially a licencing violation. I think that civilised people understand that paying for software or media licences is important to keep those folks in business and reward their work, but there’s no way I’d accept that downloading a piece of software that’s no longer on the market is “theft”.

I take your point about things coming back to market in certain circumstances, in which case I’d pay for something I’d acquired, but I wouldn’t feel too bad about getting hold of it by sharing if that was the only way at a given time. I certainly don’t think I’d be in with the purse-snatchers.
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