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May 7th, 2013, 19:04
I know it is nitpicking, but KotOR and Star Wars shouldn't be mentioned in a sci-fi comparison, as it is not sci-fi. It is space fantasy, really.

I know Lucas tried to retcon and explain the Force in the prequels with the midiclorian nonesense, but the premise is that there is a largely unexplained magical force in the universe of SW, and it takes out the 'science' from Sci-fi.

Also, SW films, games, books, comics, etc do not focus on sci-fi themes at all, but focus largely on fantasy themes.

But I digress, and sorry for that.

I have yet to finish ME1, but I must say I got a bit turned off when taking a look at parts of ME2 at a friend's playthrough. Is it worth putting the effort into playing the first of the trilogy knowing I never wanna play the rest of the trilogy, I wonder…
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