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February 1st, 2007, 23:17
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Roleplayer and Fez:

What are you saying ?
The few times that Mass Effect has made it to the Codex's news pages were due to gameplay aspects that in general seemed to be generally well accepted by the various gaming sites that got any hands-on experience with the title, gameplay aspects which were being considered superior and preferable to what had been previously established in the genre. We don't cover console games but cover everything we can regarding roleplaying games, and the kind of embracing these features were getting - in this case, the dialogue system - was deemed important enough to report and to (hopefully) generate discussion on the boards.

We didn't cover Mass Effect because we suddenly started doing console games or because of some fixation with Bioware; we covered some design aspects of Mass Effect that may have an impact on how CRPGs will be developed in the future, if they become widely accepted.

And no, the parody was meant as a lighthearted look at the whole hype and spin doctoring usually surrounding Bioware, even if you prefer to think otherwise. We could have written any other such article about any other company. We could've tackled Bethesda for instance, were it not the fact we recently had an Oblivion review, covered several other Oblivion reviews in our news, and were pretty much burned out on the game after countless debates on the site. We could have done something in this vein with Obsidian but we're working on some other (serious) content with them.

By contrast, Bioware was "available".
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