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November 5th, 2006, 15:14
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Not very encouraging reading. The fact that they talk about there being no micro management and "soloing" makes me think we are just going to be getting another cookie cutter rpg.
The answers follows discussion in the official german forum. There have been discussions, if they had to eat and drink, care for their weapons, buying shoes because they become used and so on. Many pen & paper gamers hoped to get the same options like in p&p and that won't be. So it will surely be at least as intensive as BG or NWN, but nothing more.
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I'm sorry to read that they're taking a leaf out of Oblivion's model when it comes to the journal:
It surely will not be the same thing like Oblivion. As I understand it's not an open world like TES, it's more modulebased like NWN. The map is only meant to be a reminder, nothing more.
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"the corresponding region of the map" could also mean a somewhat vague information. As long as you don´t have an arrow thats leading your way…
I don't think so.
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Nope, can't be … might be a good Baldur's Gate-Clone, but won't come even close to the Northland-Triology… I might still buy it, because Baldur's Gate was a good Game and maybe, if they clone it right.. but Drakensang will never ever be as great as the Northland-Triology - these times are gone and will never come back - because you can't sell enough when you create difficult Games nowadays.
Drakensang doesn't want to be a true successor to the old Realms of Arcadia games. It's meant to be something own. Developing an RPG costs a lot of money and Radon Labs needs international sales, too, because without D&D brand it's difficult to get this money back. Anaconda isn't a global player as EA or THQ, so they must be at least as attractive to reach as much persons as possible. I read a lot of things about DraSa and I saw videos of their presentation on FanPro's RatCon (biggest Con for The Dark Eye P&P in Germany). I'm sure, they will do their best to create a good TDA game and to conservate the TDE flair. They actually got the original TDE writers to write the story design (about 1000 pages!). But I don't think they can do more than "just" a BG clone with some TDE specialities. I would give them a chance. And that's because I'm making our fansites (englisch) and (german).

If someone has the same opinion, I'm looking for some support. just send me a PM.
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