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Default CrossFire is dead? Yes, it is.

July 10th, 2019, 15:05
AMD’s RX 5700 cards ditched CrossFire because less than 1% of gamers care
Here's the thing.

I have absolutely no idea why gaming media was excited about both SLI and Crossfire. To this day I haven't heard a single logical ur useful explanation why anyone should opt for that, yet gaming media was competing who'd blather about it more. Long live shallowness. It sells.

There is another reason SLI and Crossfire were getting on my nerves. The loud minority was and still is hijacking each and every game forum out there whining that some game doesn't behave properly on their pair. And I couldn't suggest them to grow a pair as that's against TOS (in most cases) plus is kinda low effort trolling which makes it boring.

"Recently" Microsoft developerd dx12 and AMD turned their vulkan to opensource, both (supposed to be) capable of managing different manufacturers' GPUs at the same time. So yes, I've expected developers to take a hint about this and "persuade" consumers into buying CPU with integrated graphics, a good nVidia card, a good AMD card and then enjoy a beauty of performance coming from combining the best of all worlds.
It didn't happen. Still didn't, can't be sure what comes in the future and which engine will start supporting it first. Unity? Nah, it's basically a phone engine with port2PC addon.

But if obviously superior dx12/vulkan is not a thing yet, superior as it doesn't lock a consumer to one manufacturer, the only logical move from AMD was to remove irrelevant Crossfire. Which will have another effect we all will cheer for - lower GPU prices.

Here's :thumbup: for AMD.
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