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August 15th, 2019, 06:44
Originally Posted by pibbur who View Post
I think for some games it was a matter of survival. Lotro, and possibly DDO comes to mind, definitely Secret World. Don't know about ESO, which to me seems to have been a success from the start.

pibbur who stilll isn't sure that he knows what he's talking about.
Yeah, could easily be. I've been having a look at a multiplayer idle game called Clickraid2 and even with 150 players, many of them being users with multiple accounts to have a full party, I'm amazed at how many $1 server-wide buffs it sells. Without selling any more copies he must make $100+ a day from buffs alone. Enough to ensure the games survival, for sure. (I would not recommend playing this game!)

Originally Posted by Kos View Post
Star Citizen?

Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
DDO is FAR from dead let me assure you. Just check out the latest update patch notes linked in the Team Corwin thread!!
I'm always tempted to come back when I see you're still playing! One of these days I will! Must be 10 years since I last logged in.
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