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September 29th, 2011, 17:26
Thanks! I could not find Selbstbeherrschung in your link to the translations. What about abilities such as Intelligence and wisdom? What should I focus on first and when should I start putting points into them?

Also, what should I train in such as dodge I-III etc?

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Balsam Salabunde and the spell to get rid of poison.

(Look here at my list of translated spells)

You imho should also have a quite high value in what is it called ? "fastness of body" ?

And then there's that physical ability of what is called "Selbstbeherrschung" in German. I don't remember how it is called in English. It prevents you from having too much wounds, if the value is high enough.

And don't forget profane wound- and poison-healing abilities, too !
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