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February 24th, 2019, 20:20
Originally Posted by Zloth View Post
But… he said Last Jedi… and no explosion?? Did I log into the wrong internet tonight??

I actually just re-watched that. It was better the second time around for me. The whole long-chase thing made a bit more sense. I still don't see why nobody has been using FTL missiles to blast big ships or even planets, though. They could have just pointed a half dozen empty X-wings at the Death Star, hit the light speed engines, and they would have mangled the thing. Oh well - hardly the first "why didn't they just…" in Star Wars.

My contribution to the silly Star Wars videos:
The long-chase thing was awful, I have to admit that.

But, the rest of the movie was so good that it compensated.

To me, I found it refreshingly unpredictable and bold in several ways.

Also, I didn't see the whole Luke thing coming at all - and I found it to be the perfect ending for his character and it tied everything together beautifully.

The lightspeed ramming was fantastic - and the Snoke fight was great, too.

The people trying to point out inconsistencies crack me up. Mostly because they're all Star Wars fans, which means they don't care about inconsistencies in the first place - they just forgot that they don't.

"Only Imperial Storm Troopers are so precise."

Then they proceed to hit pretty much nothing in the entire trilogy


Darth Tagnan



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