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July 14th, 2019, 19:56
Originally Posted by Ragnaris View Post
Twisted Metal 2! I do miss that game.

In regards to killing children in games, I don't particularly care if it's allowed or forbidden. I think I experimented with it once or twice just to see if I could in games like Fallout, then I left it alone for good.

If it's forbidden in Cyberpunk, oh well? That's not why I want to play the game.

If the argument is about choice, my stance would be this: unless it serves any relevance to the story or side quests, then it's irrelevant. You don't need "the option" to kill children if you never had any interest in doing so. Let the teams working on the game put their effort on more important things. Had that article not popped up, nobody would be concerned about the "option" to do so.
At the same time it makes these NPCs irrelevant to gameplay. No need to protect them, no need caring if it will be hurt. Takes part of the emotional layer away in my opinion.
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