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June 24th, 2013, 08:57
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And yes, I think micromanagement prior to seduction could be just as fun as micromanagement prior to combat. Hey, I'm willing to try micromanagement in a gardening simulator. I bet there would be a huge market for a good gardening simulator.
I'm sure you think so

Cop-out? I just answered your ridiculous claim about "stimulating the senses". Imagination is what matters. Try again.
My claim wasn't ridiculous, because it made sense. You're not making any sense. If imagination is all you need to stimulate yourself - then why are you talking about this game again?

The porn discussion is a side note, really. But I do think that sex could play a more important role in games. People who claim that sex is anything but interesting are usually prudes. What's your excuse?
I don't think I need an excuse.

I haven't said sex isn't interesting - though I imagine it could have been an effective strawman against an idiot.

I said sex isn't interesting if you're not doing it - at least not very much so. I guess it can be interesting in an educational way - or if you're talking to someone who you intend to have sex with. But as the basis of a game? No, I don't think it is.

Prude? Hehe, well - that would be a first. I'm more of a pervert, I'd say - but I guess I'm pretty normal overall in that way.

No more waste of time than creating an entire game with sophisticated gameplay that doesn't turn people on.
I'm afraid I can't agree. I can enjoy such games tremendously - and it seems many are quite successful.




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