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June 24th, 2013, 08:56
From this thread, I can see 99% of the members in this forum = male

You guys do realise some people don't get any and really desperate, right?

Ok, on to the topic. I think it really depends on your age and personality

Kids obviously won't say no to it (plus those desperate people out there)!

For my part, I do enjoy well written romance or even a conversation between male & female characters in game. It's interesting to build a relationship with people with different personality and if the character in game is very different to our boring lives, hey, I won't say no For example, I enjoyed seeing Garrus and my FemShep entering relationship. I loved how my Bhaalspawn fell in love with Anomen (yes, Anomen is human but the lifestyle in Faerun is different to our modern city life). But as I said before, it doesn't have to end in romance To be honest, I hate it when the developers/modders take it too far and describe the sex scenes too vividly - makes game experience like a cheap pornography.
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